Breaking into the Music Business

Posted on May 30 2013 - 6:25am by Pulkit

Breaking into the music scene today is much different than it was even five years ago. These days, all you need to get your talent noticed is an internet connection. Many people are not mass produced at first, if they are at all. The internet allows you the ability to profit while you still maintain all of your artistic control. These days, musical integrity can be more important to some people than profit. The fact that it is easier now than ever to produce useable sound cheaply also aids in the fact that many artists are simply not into it for the money.


Getting Started

Making your own music is very simple these days. There are extremely expensive pieces of equipment that you can still purchase, but these days they are not needed. Decent microphones are available in prices as low as $40 and you can get remixing and sound changing equipment for free. There is a learning curve with these sorts of products and you may have to be creative to get your own unique sound, however it’s very possible to start recording your own music for under $200.

Cheap Basic Ideas

Tinfoil can be an excellent way to alter your sound. You can wrap it around the microphone to give yourself a more brass and old fashioned element. If you are interested in trying to muffle or give yourself a softer tone, using a pillowcase over the microphone will give you the tone you want. People have even used tissue boxes to give themselves a clearer or more unique tone. If your goal is to sell music online, there are also many different places that will allow you to upload anything you record for free. Sites like WordPress also allow you to make your own personalized website for free.


Of course, it goes without saying: you need to get people to listen to you. However, most of the best tools for reaching an audience are available to you for free. Think about the places you go to keep up with your favorite artists. Do you follow their Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts? Odds are that you do. These social media platforms are free to all uses, all you need to do is make a log-in and begin spreading the word about your music. Having a few teasers and free downloads will also help you create a fan base.


Because everything is connected these days, interaction is key in the music industry. Every major artist gives nods to their fans or fandoms. Artists like Lady Gaga and Kieran Strange have names for their fandoms, Little Monsters or Strangers respectively. If you intend to sell your music on the Internet, then connecting with your fan base  is ultimately important to your sales. By being inclusive and engaging with the people who enjoy your music then you will gain more loyalty.

Music these days is a complex environment. It’s important that you remember that you are not going to simply put things out for people to passively listen to. If you want to make a name for yourself it is important for you to remember to market yourself on social media, make yourself available to fans, and that you are aware of what those fans are doing. Keeping yourself visible is a great way to try to boost your profits when you sell your music over the Internet.

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